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Herman & Marcia @ Steil Loop

We really enjoyed this beautiful Pedi wedding, quit different, but a lovely couple to work with. Herman, one can see that you deeply love Marcia.    Zelda and I where blown away when you sang the song of John Legend – All of me, to Marcia. You guys really are made for each other and it is wonderful to see how deep your love for each other are. May the Lord bless your marriage. Keep it up hey!

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  1. Wow! Admiring! what a lovely Wedding, i was there to witness the love, the chopper and the lovely Perfect day for both of them,the love among them was so amazing. Everything was so WOW!
    God Bless you and your family my friend.
    Thulare’s family.

  2. This is so tremendous, thanks to you (Karen and Zelda)for the wonderful message and beautiful photos of our wedding memories. You made our wedding days perfect, these days(05 & 06 April 2014)will always be in our minds. Keep the standard even more higher.

  3. That was nice, perfect, mhwaaaa, day one nd two I really enjoyed, nd u guys keep it that way, Lerato ke lona leo nd God bless, le se lebale thapelo.

  4. This is excellent and Woooooooow…. I am so speechless…… Woooooooow….. Feel like crying

  5. from your boys from kuruman we are just saying woooooooooooooooow, it was so majastic……..we are happy for you and your wife,even if we were not there,our mind was there.GOD BLESS

  6. To all
    Thanks for these wonderful messages. We are so pleased to have you in our lives. Your endless support will always be remembered when we bring back our wedding memories. Modimo a le dire ka go loka ka dinako kamoka. Lerato la lena ga le bapetsoe le selo.

    Mmashokane on behalf of family

  7. To all

    Thank you for these wonderful messages. We really appreciate your support and endless love. May God richly bless you and your family.

    Mmashokane on behalf of the family

  8. Mrs Shokane lenyalo la gago lebe lele botse le kgahla maahlo
    Bao ba nyakang go nyala kapa go nyala a ba seke ba tshaba gogo
    Botsisa gore o kgonne bjang

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