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Dexter & Ajanda @ Fairview Hotel Tzaneen

Wow!!! Dexter and Ajanda, what a beautiful wedding you guys had at Farview Hotel in Tzaneen.  This wedding was coordinated by Embrace Events as always I enjoyed having Pamela and her crew there, They made sure everything went smoothly on this gorgeous couple’s wedding day. And what a beautiful day it was, yet another extremely hot day. People say it was 37degrees. But these 2 people are an amazing couple. Guys Thank you for your friendliness we had an awesome time at your wedding. May God bless your marriage abundantly.

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  1. # isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful…# Wow this wedding was so beautiful! You guys are a match made in heaven. Congratulations once again and all the best.

  2. Wow, you are match made from heaven. your wedding was so beautiful and you looked stunning. May God be with you

  3. Dear, you look so beautiful. All the pictures, your wedding, everything just perfect! I can imagine that you´ve make it a very special day for everyone who was there!
    Congratulations and happiness for you and your husband!
    All the best!!

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