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Kenosi & Tidimalo 8 October 2011

Kenosi & Tidimalo, my goodness Tidimalo you where a stunning and radiant bride. One can see you were one very happy bride with such a handsome groom by your side. You guys really compliments each other.

Congratulaions on your wedding and a beautiful wedding indeed. May God be always be with you in your marriage. Always remember that with Him in your marriage you will conquer everything and He will bind you

together forever. May you be very happy and God bless!

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  1. Le pila strait. Are tlogeleng maaka. May you be blessed, in your wedding, and achieve more and more…… TO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Tidi…you are the most beautiful bride eva! You make me want to get married Happy Memories cuz cherrish them forever.

  3. Wow Mr & Mrs Boemo,The Masenya family loves u guys, beautiful indeed, may the good Lord do u good all the time. Mpeddy, Mahlodi, Thato le Mapula.

  4. wow ausi’ka , your like an angel, beautiful. and congratulations Mr and Mrs Boemo, may the grace of the Lord be with you. Fantabulous!

  5. Mr & Mrs Boemo, it truly is beautiful to see your seed of love blossoming into a garden of eternal companionship. A Ramasedi a le tshegofatse a le atise. You’re my inspiration!

  6. Yoh Yoh Yoh! You guys look good together and I swear if I did not know you guys I’d think you are from TV or magazines. May you be blessed with many more happy years together.

  7. Hey girl! this is fabulous, one in million, you really are a celebrity. you guys are soul mades. Enjoy and rejoice in your marriage, grow old together and let the Almighty give you a bonus of a basket full of Children.

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