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Nkhanedzeni & Zwoitwa @ Porch Villa


This was the beautiful wedding of  Nkhanedzeni and Zwoitwa, held at Porch Villa in Tohonyandou. What a stunning bride I believe you all will agree. So elegant, like a true Queen. Thank you  for letting us be a part of your special day. We had the privilege of being the photographers on Vusani’s wedding, Zwoitwa’s sister. And I must say a fantastic family. They have the utmost  respect for our God and Savior and it is such a blessing  to always here the word of God on these weddings, on some weddings the whole day is even about God. Nkhane and Zwoita, congrats on your wedding day. May our Heavenly Father be always with you in your marriage, keeping Him firs and you will be happy not looking back for one second.

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  1. What a glorious bride and a lovely wedding
    We loved being a part of it and will cherish these lovely memories
    May the marriage outshine and surpass the wedding day 🙂

  2. m realy inspired, i was ther nd i saw it wit my naked eyes. it realy was a beautiful weddin
    da photographers did a realy good work .
    m most defenetly goin 2 invite thm on my weddin coz thy r gud at wt thy do.
    zwoitwa m gona follow ur foot steps my sista

  3. Indeed God loves His children, and He has just made me to witness His love through your beautiful pictures…you all look stunning and May He who was there with you all from the beginning be with you forever and ever…

    and thumbs up to the photographers:)

  4. I never wanted to have a white wedding of my own until i attended yours! Your joy and love was just so nfectious. The wedding was simply stunning. I wish you and monna wa nu (lol) the very best.

  5. Gorgeous! Absolutely goergeous!
    Wishing you the best for your future together. May God richly bless what you have found together and sustain it.

  6. Its a pity i missed your wedding,but i shoul say it was a really beautiful wedding,out of this world,Wow !!!! the bride,im lost for words.Wishing u all the best on your marriage,Congratz Mr & Mrs Musetsho.

  7. HALALA HALALA ,Mr and Mrs Musetsho though I missed your day for some other reasons , Mr Musetsho finally you got the bone of your bones , she is a true queen , look how beautiful she is in that gown , I wish you all the best in your marriage life ,

  8. The beauty of this wedding is just a symbol of how their going to enjoy their marriage. Their love is flowing like a Vaal/Orange river. May God multiply his blessings unto them and give them a prosperous life.

  9. Mr & Mrs Musetsho,May God Bless you in your marriage and Enjoy life together.The wedding was so beautiful and Makoti you looked so stunning(The Best).

  10. On such a beautiful occasion, when your two souls unite, may your love and affection for each other never fade away.
    Have a wonderful married life.

  11. Congra my friend on ure wedding,hope u are enjoying ure new bride.I wish I could have attended but due to my baby coming early than expected,but I wish u a happy life. My fnd u have grown into a handsome man. Congra

  12. Guys, I missed the wedding but this is truelly so beutifull. May God bless, remember the anchor of each and every marriage is to pray without ceasing. All the best

  13. Woow, baby sister you Looked like a Queen indeed! your wedding was just the talk of town. Nkhane you looked gourgeous yourself, I like the outfit…your set-up around the pool was just out of this world… Congratulations

  14. Woow, Baby Sister you looked like a Queen indeed. What a beautiful bride. Nkhane you were gorgeous yourself. Your wedding was the talk of town. Your blessing set-uop around the pool was just out of this world…..lost for words. God bless
    Karen , you did a fantastic job

  15. who can find a virtuous and capable wife?zwoitwa yuo are more precious than rubies . [musadzi vhukuma udo wanwa nga nnyi ene are lupfumo lu fhiraho ndalamo ? ] yaaaa!!!!!!!!! MR Musetsho no muwana .you are blessed and enjoye your marriage.

  16. Absolutely stunning, I believe words are not good enough to express the beauty. . Allow God only to have the final word in your marriage and you will be the happiest woman ever. Congrats!!!!!

  17. my friend, a truly beautiful bride! As beautiful and blessed this day was I’m sure the rest of your lives will be.Love you both!

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