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Vikash & Carina @ Avianto


This was the beautiful wedding of Vikash and Carina. It was a small and intimate wedding with just the most importend people who attended this wonderful event . Although it was very cold Carina and Vikash exchanged their vows to each other in the garden of Avianto. Vikash and Carina you guys are amazing together and you both looked stunning. Thank you for being so friendly and making it easy for us to capture these beautiful memories. May you be very happy for ever. Congratulations!!

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  1. WOW!!!! You look gorgeous my friend!!!

    Stunning!!! Wishing you bothe the best that life can offer and great success and happieness always….

  2. The Photos are so beautiful especially the pose of the bride and groom. I really love the dress and the outfit of the groom compliments the dress. Best wishes for a happy and everlasting marriage. Lots of babys please.

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