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Akindje & Rebeca & Makiti


Akindje & Rebeca, thank you so much for a wonderful wedding. It’s amazing how you guys love the Lord. You are really blessed to have found one another. May you be very happy for years to come. Congratulations on your wedding.


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  1. These are lovely photographs of my darling Akindeji & Rebecca. It was a wonderful wedding and I thank God that I am alive to witness the wedding. God bless Akin & Becky. Auntie Busola.

  2. Wow girl you both look lovely. Congradulations. Don’t 4get to put God first in everything, be a wise woman who builds her house. I’m so humbled by this beauty. God bless you guyz. Hazel.

  3. You guys maked us pround, we’ll live this shinny momment for the rest of our lifes. Never let the almighty away from your love life and praise him for the wonderful love he has given to you both.

    From your uncle

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