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Joey & Shirley’s Wedding @ Phalaborwa


The Wedding of Joey and Shirley. We arrived late on Friday evening for this joyous occasion that was going to happen on Saturday. Everybody warned us about the extreme heat, they made no joke, it was 36 degrees on Friday evening at six. We thought it was going to be a rough one but luckily nature provided a bit of rain and our day started nice and cool. Shirley was such a gorgeous bride. She looked amazing in this beautiful dress with her head piece. I just want to thank both Joey and Shirley for giving us enough time to take stunning photos. You are going to treasure this memories for many years. Congrats and may have a life filled with love and happiness.

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  1. WOW….this was THE wedding.
    LOVELY PICS! Congrats to Shirley and Joey!!!! I am so happy for you. May God richy bless u.

  2. What a great day indeed, everything was perfect. the bride was so wow!!! Everyone was dressed up,what a stylish wedding.

  3. I just want to congratulate Joey and Shirley for this wonderful Journey that they have taken, may the Good Lord keep them safe in His arms…. the pictures are stunning,…. whoooooooo Shirley looks gorgeous… I love the detail on he makeup… Job well done sister.

  4. Shirley and Joey, treasure the wonderful moments of your wedding day. The pictures are one of the remembrance of what the all mighty has blessed you with. The intimacy and love we see on the pictures between the bride and the groom should be foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  5. What a beautiful day it was. I felt like getting married to my life partner right there and then, inspired by the love of this two love birds. Joey and Shirley we wish you nothing but the best life has to offer.
    From Selby and Mokgadi

  6. congradutions,may your marriage last for ever.You were made for each other.The pictures are are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow. that`s what i m talking about when i say wedding. May your marriage be more beautiful than your wedding. GOD bless you guys. unfortunately. i could not make it to your wedding. i was at my own wedding

  8. OMG, mosadi, u looked exquisite, this surely tells how much u’ve enjoyed your day.COngratulations indeed. Wow… Stunning

  9. That was stunning Gal, you were so so so BEAUTIFUL not beautiful. If there was a rewind for that day I could have asked for it. May the mighty God bless you and your family till the end of time. Take care

  10. That was magnificent, Beautiful, stunning, etc WAOOOOOOO I dont know how to express myself. May the mighty Lord bless you and take care of each other till the end of time

  11. ijo le ba botse na, wena madam gape you look like African doll. congratulations. O berekile morwa.My eyes are filled with tears of joy.GOD bless you.

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